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30 January 2004 @ 12:53 pm
*~Friends Only~*
Comment to be added.

For more stories and fantasies join my erotic writing community xkinkx!

I would appreciate those asking to be added to my friends list add me first. It just makes it that much easier for me to add you back and keep my friends list up to date. Thank you!
♥ Natalie

*~*~*New Community*~*~*
A community I created to take your requests to write you your very own personal erotic short story.
See community info for details.

*~*Edit: 01.28.06*~*
When requesting to be added to my journal, please let me know if you would like to be included on my "Reading Filter". This just lets me know that you would like me to read and comment on your journal. If you don't, I will automatically assume you don't want to be included and will be treated as a read-only journal.
(That means that I will not read or comment on your entries.)
Thank you!
♥ Natalie

Please do not advertise your community here. I will delete your comment, ban you from my journal and report it as spam. Advertising in personal journals is against the TOS and could possibly lead to the suspension of your account. I appreciate your cooperation.